Great work of the University of St.-Etienne/ France. A 3-D-Modelling of some parts of the Kerguelen.
Note: To view the VRML-Files (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) you need to download a little Viewer for VRML- Files.
For example you will find one under following URL:

Informations about the international "Ocean-Drilling-Project". Information about the sea-bottom near the Kerguelen and detailed informations about the geografic Kerguelen-Plateau.

Scientific Informations about the sea-bottom, undersea-vulcanos and the different geological formations of the islands.

Here you will find the answere on the question, why the flys on Kerguelen have no wings...
... a tip:"the windy conditions.."

International Project of the University of Karlsruhe (Germany).
Exactly they built up a new 3-D-Reference-Map for the hole antarctic sector with the help of the GPS-System. Even the Kerguelen are registered.

International Project of the University of Grenoble/France.
A project to make a comparison between alpine and subarctic plants ( even pants of the Kerguelen-Islands).

An Extensive page about Dolphins ond other Sea-animals.
Special Informations about the Commersn-Dolphin, wich even lifes near the Kerguelen.

Very rare Informations about the unknown deepsea-fish
"Channichthys rhinoceratus -Unicorn icefish -", wich live at the sea-bottom of the Kerguelen-Plateau.
Very interesting !!!

Project of the University of Aachen/Germany.
Variations in the crust of the sea-bottom of the Kerguelen-Plateau.

Buletin of the German Elasmobranchier-Sociaty about a new discovert Shark in the southern hemisphere near Kerguelen.

Little but informative homepage of Florian Böhm, Geologist at GEOMAR/Kiel/Germany
One of his works named:
"Hiatuses in the Neogene Deepwater Sediments of the Kerguelen Plateau "

to be continued...