A great page made by of the french Loïc Guérin. With lots of Pictures of the Kerguelen.
Even you will find some short videos, showing different parts of the islands !
One of the best Pages you will find to see pictures of the Kerguelen Islands.

Only a few words for this Link: Original Images of the Kerguelen shoot from the Space-Shuttle !!!

The young french Edouard was travelleling far and long and created a wonderful webpage with storys and photographies of his voyages. Even you will find the exclusive story of his voyage to the Kerguelen-Islands !!

The page of the university Jean Monnet in St.Etienne, France. Many pictures of Kerguelen and other sucarctic islands. Even special information about the geologie of the islands and many more...

A page with lots of information and pictures of the subantarctic islands like Kerguelen, Crozet and others...

Very big content about the southern part of the Atlantic-Ocean and the sucarctic-Islands. Many informations about the islands and pictures of the fauna and flora and geologie of the islands.

Even a big page with detailed informations about Kerguelen and other sucarctic islands. Very interesting and helpful is the linklist to all Institutions with correlated to arctic and antarctic science !!

... to be continued ...